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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On the Desktop - Late May 2014

So since I have the new work space, I've been, well... working!  It's very nice to get back in the groove of things.  I thought I'd take a moment or two and show off what all I'm working on at this point.

First off, I took advantage of the Viet Nam sale to get into PAVN Ironclad in a major way, so I've been madly building T-34 tanks, T-54 tanks, and a host of other Soviet bloc goodies.  Some of them are primed, some of them are "hot off of the table" as it were.

I still have more in the box, and some PT-76 still on the way.  Needless to say, I'll be able to field just about any version of Ironclad I want.  After that I'm going to finish up my Blackhorse army.

With the Remagen book coming out soon, and given I know "a thing or two" about how the lists are structured, I've been working on some of the vehicles for those lists.  Here you can see a couple of VERY heavy cats - with a fair amount of modeling work added, along with some more "in progress" T-54 tanks for my PAVN.  I'll be posting a full article on the modifications in a few weeks.  You can also see an Ostwind - I've modified it to the production turret (as opposed to the prototype turret) as well based on the drawings in Nuts and Bolts.  That will also be in the article...

Last but not least here is a representative Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf J - it has four buddies behind it.  All of them have the idler fix I mentioned earlier this year.  I only need a total of four for the army I'm currently working on, but it seemed daft to leave one unbuilt in the box.

More later on what army that one is for.  Apart from fixing the issue with the idler, these are pretty much running right out of the box.  I drilled out the muzzle brake on the gun and opened up the turret schurtzen on the bottom, but that's "details."

I'm actually hoping to have a Remagen list done not too long after the book is released... that'll be a change... usually I lag by quarters rather than months any time a new book comes out.  So what's on your table?

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