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Monday, September 8, 2014

Martian Front Reinforcements Arriving

Several new items are beginning to pop up over on Alien Dungeon's All Quiet on the Martian Front site. These all seem to be tied to the recently announced "Wave 2" of shipments for the Kickstarter campaign. It has taken them a bit more time than originally advertised to get some of these out of the door, but at first glance a lot of the releases look pretty good.

The Americans are getting a whole variety of new troops to bolster the infantry, rough riders, and steam tanks provided in the original batch. New infantry includes a command squad, the forlorn hope teams, and armored infantry. New tanks include the artillery steamers, the clamp tank, and a Mark II command tank variant.  Artillery has also finally arrived with the anti-tripod gun and heavy field gun battery finally being available.

The Martians also have several new miniatures available as well.  The Drones are now available and the slaver tripod is available for pre-order.  The British are still "coming soon" at this point.

I've been working on paint schemes for my Martians and picked up some nice metallic paint for them.  Look for an update in a future blog.  I've also decided to go a bit further on the painting of my tanks as I've picked up some modulation paints for US armor - look for that in a future blog as well!

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