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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Polish Black Brigade - the Churn Continues!

I've been making some progress on the Black Brigade, but it's sort of been in the "two steps forward, one step back" mode at this point. I had been making good progress on the casts of the 518 truck variant, but my mold finally tore apart after five good castings (well, actually six good castings, one of the castings I goofed up all on my own!).

However, as you can see from the photo above, the ones that did come out look pretty nice. Once I get the sprue removed from all of them they're just about ready to paint up.

Given the scale disaster that was the Quality Miniatures halftracks, I've decided to try and see if I can get some to cast. I don't know if it will work, and I'm still working on the tracked suspension itself. I've made the modifications to a 621 truck cab (shown below ready for casting):

On the driver's side, the main addition is the spare tire and brackets. I've also removed the bins that were just behind the running board and added a small fender there.

On the passenger's side, I modified the door to match the rounded pattern seen on the driver's side as sometimes a spare tire was bracketed on this side as well. I may add a few tires to create some differentiation.

I have several new molds hardening at this point - including a new mold for the 518 truck, and some of the track details for the halftrack. I'm hoping to get the tracks together for the halftrack in the next day or so (if it actually turns out to be possible) and start the casting... but with a tight deadline coming up for the tournament, I'm beginning to wonder if it is all going to get done or not.

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  1. Hi there. I have followed your efforts to produce accurate 15mm vehicles for the Poles in 1939 with great interest and admiration. I wondered if you would consider running off some castings for other wargamers, with decent models being impossible to find? I particularly admired your Vickers 6 ton tanks and Pz Inz 302 ATG tows.

    You can contact me at:

    Many thanks, Keith Flint.