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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Polish Black Brigade - Done for the Tournament

I finally finished up most of the basing about midnight last night, but they are "done enough" for the tournament today. I still need to do some detailing on the windows of the soft skin vehicles, but I won't have time for that until sometime next week. It isn't a critical detail since I already blacked out the windows on the soft skins. I had an "oh crap" moment (yeah, I didn't say "crap") on Thursday night when I realized that I needed four infantry stands per section, not three. Fortunately I'd painted up several extra figures just in case I needed them and based them in record time. Okay - enough with the preamble, I managed to snap a couple of quick pictures. They're not great, but I'll get good pictures once I have time to go through and really photograph them in the light box.

First the infantry and guns:

On the top left you have the 1iC, 2iC, and command stands for the two Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej Companies. The two columns along the left side of the board are the Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej Company Rifle/MG teams. Along the top of the board are the four 75mm wz. 1897 guns from the Light Gun Battery. Just below them toward the center of the board are the Light Gun Battery Staff Team, Command Rifle Team, Observer, and below that is their horse-drawn wagon. Below the rest of the guns are the horse-drawn carts for the guns. Below the carts along the right side center are the three Zmotoryzowanej Anti-Tank Gun Platoons. Below them along the bottom are the Anti-tank Rifle Teams for the Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej Companies. Finally along the bottom in the middle is the one Ckm wz. 30 HMG for the first Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej Company and the motorcycle and side car for the 2iC.

Now the vehicles:

At this point I have them separated by platoon (to make sure I didn't have another "oh crap" moment). At top left is the 1iC command Polski Fiat 508 staff car. Along the the top of the board are the transports for the Zmotoryzowanej Anti-Tank Gun Platoons consisting of one scratch-built Polski Fiat 518 truck (for the HQ) and three scratch-built Pz. Inz. 302 tow vehicles. The scratch-built/converted Vickers tanks run along the right side of the board, while the out of the box TKS platoon is just to the left of them. On the left side of the board is transport for the first Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej Company - one staff car one 518 field car and four Polski Fiat 621 trucks. Finally to the right of those are the scratch built WZ-34 halftracks for the other two Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej Company.

I am insanely happy to have this project finally ready to leave the house. Ever since it didn't get completed this time last year, it's been an albatross hanging around my neck. I think know my wife will be happy to see it off of my table too! More detail later!


  1. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!! Good to finally see them all in photographs. Are you going to get some pictures of them in action at the tournament?

  2. What sourcebook does that Polish force come from?

  3. Looking great! You can really tell you put some serious hours into this.

  4. Thanks guys! I'll start doing some more detailed photos and "how to" articles over the next couple of weeks.