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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Random Updates

There are a few changes coming to the blog... I'm experimenting with some new skins and formats at this point - so the blog is going to have a different look (or 2 or 3 until I light on one that I end up liking enough to keep). I'm also expanding the mission statement (see above) - when I started the blog, my main model-building and gaming hobby was Flames of War, but I'm re-branching out into other areas.

You've already seen a couple of Warhammer 40K posts on the blog, and expect to see a few more in the future as I get back to painting some of the miniatures I've picked up from that range over the past couple of years with my son. I may even get my son to do a guest column.

I'm also getting back into traditional model building, so expect to see some of those on the blog from time to time. I'm a huge panzer-phile so there will be more German stuff. I'll go through build logs there as well.

Over the next several months I'll also be looking at some alternate gaming systems, so expect those to make their way to the blog. 

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