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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Fielding Schweres Panzerjäger-Regiment 656 in Flames of War

As promised last week, the article detailing ways to field Schweres Panzerjäger-Regiment 656 in Flames of War is now up on their website! There has been a lot of recent discussion online about the flexibility inherent in the V4 lists, and how that can lead to some ahistorical combinations, like Panthers in North Africa for example. Hopefully this article will show the opposite, how that flexibility can yield some 100% historical lists as well.

In the article I go through a few options for building a force that can represent your Ferdinands and Sturmpanzer IVs on the tabletop representing a few key dates during the Kursk offensive. The most intensive fighting happened around the village of Ponyri, and I made sure to include some options for fielding the unit during that pivotal battle.

To use all of the lists you'll need both Iron Cross and Ghost Panzers, as well as some key command cards from Ghost Panzers. Unfortunately due to the cost of the core units, most of these lists are going to be fairly hefty points-wise, so balancing support choices will be important.  Enjoy!

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