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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

206 Panzerabteilung List and Photos

To supplement my earlier write-up on the 206. Panzerabteilung, here's the army list and some older photos of the completed project.  The army list for this one is fairly extensive as the tanks are so cheap.


·         Beutepanzerkompanie HQ:  Company command Panzer 35-S 739(f), 2iC Panzer 35-S 739(f) + Sd Kfz 9 (19t) recovery half-track

Combat Platoons:

·         Beutepanzer Platoon:  Command Panzer 35-S 739(f) + four Panzer 38-H 735(f)
·         Beutepanzer Platoon:  Command Panzer 35-S 739(f) + four Panzer 38-H 735(f)
·         Beutepanzer Platoon:  Command Panzer 35-S 739(f) + four Panzer 38-H 735(f)
·         Beutepanzer Platoon:  Command Panzer 35-S 739(f) + four Panzer 38-H 735(f)

Weapons Platoons:

·         Schwere Beutepanzer Platoon:  Command Panzer B-2 740(f), two Panzer B-2 740(f), two Panzer B-2 740(f) flamm
·         Bodenständig Anti-tank Gun Platoon:  Command SMG Team + three 7.5cm PaK40

Support Platoons:

·         Bodenständig Tank-hunter Platoon:  Command Marder I + two Marder I
·         Bodenständig Heavy Artillery Battery:  Command SMG team, Staff team, two observer teams, four 15.5cm sFH414(f) Howitzer
·         Bodenständig Grenadier Platoon:  Command Panzerfaust SMG team + six Rifle/MG teams
·         Bodenständig Pioneer Platoon:  Command Pioneer Panzerfaust SMG team, pioneer supply truck, nine Pioneer rifle teams
·         Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft Assault Platoon:  Command SMG team, two Luftwaffe 8.8cm FlaK36 gun with eight crew each, two Sd Kfz 7 half track

First up are the two Somua command tanks, these are all "pre-decal" - I'll be setting up another photo spread soon where I get the vehicles with their final markings documented, as actually getting the right number system was a real pain!  All of the tanks have been painted with Testors Model Master acryl paints (Panzer Dunkelgelb 1943, Panzer Olivgrun 1943, and Panzer Schokoladenbraun RAL 8017) applied with an Iwata airbrush over a primer coat (I've been using Mr. Surfacer 1200).  In the pot the Schokoladenbraun looks too dark, but when airbrushed over Dunkelgelb, the result is a very characteristic red-brown.  The Commander figure is a head swap based on the original French figure.


Next up are a couple of shots of the Char's.  These were a bit easier to mark because they used conventional numbers I had decals readily available for.  First is the command tank followed by a "group shot."


Next up is an "in progress" photo of the Somua and Hotchkiss tanks in horde formation.  You can see that the open white German crosses have been applied to many tanks.  Bear in mind every French tank in this force has had at least the commander's cupola converted to the German style!


Finally here are a couple of photos of the Marder I tank destroyers.  I hadn't gotten the crew in them at this point (they're in now - will include in the next set of pix!).  However the markings are relatively complete - including the self propelled tank destroyer unit marking on the front of the gun shield!

I'll get updated photos of the vehicles and their supporting cast in the next few days. 
As I mentioned previously, the army played better than I thought it would in a tank heavy tournament (the "Tanksgiving" event hosted by the local club was for tank companies only!).  I tend to run a "mega-kampfgruppe" with eight Hotchkiss, two Chars, and the 2iC Somua.  Against other enemy armor, that tends not to work as well, but against infantry it can be devastating - though its utility has been somewhat limited by the new V3 tank fallback rules.  Generally if you're playing a Beutepanzerkompanie, your tanks will go after enemy infantry and guns, while your guns and Pioneers will tackle opposing armor.  Overall, the army takes a lot of finesse to play, but it's a fun break from a typical LW German armored company with few vehicles on the table.

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