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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

150. Panzerbrigade Battlefoam

Battlefoam makes a wonderful kit bag for Flames of War, and I've found that it is incredibly handy to have custom (or at least specific) trays for each of my armies.  This makes getting the bag ready for game night or a tournament very easy.  One army I've been working on is the new 150. Panzer Brigade from Devil's Charge.  I've always loved the Ersatz M10 (Panther), so any chance to actually use them in Flames of War was welcome.

I thought I'd share the layout I used to maximize usage of the available space while providing maximum protection for the army.  I tend to create an "overhang area" for long barreled tanks rather than allowing the vehicle and long barrel to wallow in a large hole.  As it stands I have room for around 2250 points in these trays (if I took all 5 Panthers). 

Disclaimer:  The Battlefoam custom tray tool is copyright Battlefoam.  My intent is to share a layout only.

First, the vehicle tray.  This will fit the max allowed five Ersatz Panthers (as that's all there actually ever were!) and the five Ersatz Stug III (maybe they're supposed to be Priests, but they're BAD ones at that).  It will also fit two trucks for your SS-Jäger Squad and a recon element.  I made the holes small to fit my M8's, but you could make them larger and likely fit the Puma or Sd.Kfz. 234/3 in the same slot.

Next, the infantry tray.  This one is set up for the Fallschirmkommando squad and the 12cm mortars.  These could easily be swapped out for the SS-Jäger squad and the 7.5cm PaK 40.  However, the vehicle tray is not set up for the trucks for the mortars.  It is also not set up for the Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier squad.  You could add the Pioneer team and kip one of the captured truck slots for the Pioneer supply vehicle.  If I expand the army past its current set-up, I may add a third tray.

Overall this lets me grab my standard 150 Panzerbrigade Army and have them stored in two trays.  As I mentioned, I may set up a third tray to cover the rest of the army.

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