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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tanks of World War I

By starting their coverage of the Great War in 1918, Battlefront provided itself with the opportunity to develop a 15mm line of World War I armor, and thus far they have not disappointed!  Originally only available in the larger army box, blisters for the individual tank models are now coming onto the market.

Germany's A7V (GGBX01) is available in a box of two vehicles, and consists of the traditional Battlefront resin and white metal.  Also included is a decal sheet with German insignia and tank names.  With so few A7V being produced during the war, you can easily "collect them all!"

The British Mark IV tank (GBBX01) (be careful with those product codes!) is also available in a boxed set of two vehicles.  The assembly guide is not yet up yet, but early reports show that the sponsons are magnetized enabling a swap between the male and female versions of the tank.  It is unclear whether the box comes with enough sponson parts to allow full flexibility for the two tanks included. The British Whippet tank (GBR080) comes as a single tank traditional Blister pack.  Again, the detailing on the miniature looks very strong.

If you want to learn more about the tanks of World War I, Battlefront has made my article "Iron Fortresses: British & German Tanks of World War One" available on their website.  The article covers the development of the three tanks above as well as their technical specifications and some operational history.  The article is lavishly illustrated with great examples of tanks and scenery from the studio collection!

Now I just need to pick up some of these beauties and work them into my painting schedule...


  1. Currently trying to resist que is out the office door!


  2. Mine too - I've made some progress in the last few weeks, but I have a long way to go. I need to order some Battlefoam for a couple of new armies as well...