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Monday, November 3, 2014

510 Schwere Panzer-Abteilung - Slow Progress

Ever painted most of a weekend and felt like you didn't get much of anything done?  That was me this past weekend.  I'm making slow progress on my 510 army for the upcoming Tanksgiving event. Did I mention slow???

Most of my work this weekend was centered on the Ersatz Panzer Platoon with 3 Panzer III's and one Panzer IV. I've got the one without Schurtzen just about done, though the picture is awful because I forgot to turn off the flash:

Wheels are painted as are most of the pioneer tools, I have a little final clean up to do and it will be done.  Unfortunately the green gets washed out a lot in these photos.

Here are the other Panzer III's with Schurtzen.  I've been going through and adding chipping to the Schurtzen so they should look pretty good when done, I still need to get the roadwheels painted

The Panzer IV is coming along as well, but I'm dreading the roadwheels - should happen early this week.

I'm putting down the base coats on the flak crews as well.  I'm doing a mix of Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht uniforms for the unit as this is a truly last ditch situation.

I've also been working on the tracks for the King Tigers.  They're pretty close to done as well.  That leaves the Westfalen platoon and the Nebelwerfer crews to get together.

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