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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Retooled Battlefront Panzer IV Ausf F1/F2

Guess I should have waited for the full Battlefront update because the retooled Panzer IV Ausf F1/F2 looks spectacular!  Packaged under code GE042 there appear to be more than a few surprising goodies with this release.

The detail on the resin parts looks crisper, and the kit appears to come with plastic tracks (though no assembly guide is provided at this point to verify that).  I say plastic because the fender tops and track detail on the inside surface of the tracks is vastly improved over the old white metal offering, and appears to be on par with the track detail on the plastic kit.

If these are the plastic tracks, there has been one major change since the last time we saw them - the idler has been corrected with the right number of spokes.  Egad I'm going to have a LONG Christmas list.

EDIT:  I'm reliably informed by Evan that these are metal tracks... dang, they're NICE for metal tracks!

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