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Friday, January 2, 2015

Polish Vickers Tank - Rivets, Rivets, and Even More Rivets!!!!

I'm a little behind where I wanted to be at this point, but I should still be able to get the master molds for the Polish Vickers tank started today (and hopefully start casting tomorrow!!!). At this point I think that the hull is ready to go, and the turret and top plates are getting closer! The hardest part of the project has been the rivets, because the tank needs lots, and lots, and lots of rivets!

I finished adding the rivet detail to the air intakes and added the grates to the air intakes. I also opened up the upper part of the hull a little bit as the Polish Vickers turret is forward of the T-26 turret and current alignment of the metal parts would not work.

That brings me to the actual hull top itself. as the orientation of the Polish Vickers turret is different than most other vehicles of the same type, I had to make my own top for the single-turret configuration. I'm also working on a version for the dual turret configuration, but that's lagging a touch, and as I only need two I may attempt to find a way to not have to cast them. Using the T-26 hull top as a template I created a new top for the Polish Vickers tank. As with the T-26 version, I've added rivet detail along the edges. The real trick will be trying to figure out how to cast this thing.  

The next step is the distinctive turret for the Polish Vickers. I've borrowed some details from a slightly larger scale kit. I may take these off and make a slightly smaller version of them as I'm not 100% happy with the results. The turret itself is scratch build from sytrene using another kit and plans as a template. The riveting on the turret is about 60% done. I've also put the gun and co-ax machine gun in place, though I'm not entirely happy with the machine gun yet and may modify it before casting.

At this point the assembled miniature actually looks pretty good. It needs a few more details before it is ready to cast, but I'm hoping to get that done today. Here's a rear 3/4 view showing the turret back and the air intake detail

Here's the front 3/4 view (ish) showing the grates on the air intakes and the gun.

Hopefully these will cast up well as I don't really have the time to convert these beasts individually!


  1. I may have missed something as I have just found your blog. But are these going to be available to buy?

  2. Not sure yet, it depends on how well I'm able to get the components to cast. You'd also need to pick up some Battlefront miniatures for the rest of the parts (7TP, T26, etc for the tracks and the 7TP for the twin turrets).