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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Black Brigade Progress!!!

Yes, there actually is some progress to report on the Polish Black Brigade. I've been working on getting all of the wheels and tires on the vehicles. Unfortunately a couple of the treads for the halftracks had too many pin-hole imperfections in them, so I'm having to make up two new tracks. However, Other than that, everything is on it's own "feet" as it were.

So just to give you a brief snapshot of where things are - here are a few, ummm... brief snapshots of the vehicles for the army.  Here you can see the carts, wagon, a few of the halftracks, the Vickers tanks, and the TKS tankette platoon pretty well.

Forward view - making progress on the trucks as well - still have some detail painting and all of the washes to do. There's some touch-up needed as well where I accidentally lost a couple of windshields and headlights removing the vehicles from the nails I used to paint them.

One last view - this angle lets you see some of the smaller softskins a bit better including the staff cars.

These vehicles all still need final detailing and then I'm going to add light dust/mud on them to sort of round out the look. Ammo of MIG is my friend.

The tournament is on February 20th - if you want to face all of this scratch-build stuff first hand - join us!  We're a friendly group and the tournament should be a lot of fun. There may even be some loaner armies available for newer players!!!


  1. Damned Exciting Mike!!!!! Keep it up!!!! :D

  2. Excellent Mike!
    Very carefully watching for your creativity . There are some questions. Please tell me how made you tracked chassis for Fiat 621/ C4P . Show more good pictures please of TKS , very interesting to see batlfront alternative , but its quality is unknown . Show please closely motorcycle Sokol , show please close Fiat 508 , and tell us how you rebuild it .

    1. I think if you dig back to last year I have some pictures of the assembled track bogies:

      I'll try and publish a step by step on everything I did after the tournament when I have time to sit down and actually compile it all (right now I'm madly finishing the last of the painting).