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Monday, June 25, 2018

Fate of a Nation Force Table Updates

Just a heads up - I've updated the Egyptian and Syrian tables for Fate of a Nation. Based on better data, it appears that the BTR-60 was not used by either nation during the 1967 war. Egypt may have had an early version of the vehicle, but regardless it wasn't deployed in 1967. There is hard evidence of both Egypt and Syria receiving the standard BTR-60 model as represented by the stats in the book in 1970 and both nations deployed the AFV during the 1973 war.

I'll continue to polish the force organization tables as I get more data. I've even put in a call to some of my friends in Israel to see if I can lay my hands on some additional data.


  1. Just my 2c, but I have never been able to find a picture of a BTR60 in Egyptian colours/markings. LOts of shots from 73 of the Syrian examples, but none from Egypt.
    IIRC, Egypt used a mix of BTR152 6x6 and tracked BTR50/OT-62 APX's with a few BMP's thrown in for '73.
    Apparently (according to Janes). they also used several hundred OT-64 8x8's at some stage, but again, I haven't found any pictorial evidence.
    It seems, as usual, BF have played fast & loose with historical accuracy.....

    1. I'd disagree to an extent, there are some references that say Egypt had BTR-60's (I know, I did the flavor text). Honestly there are more omissions at this point than "adds" based on my research... which I'm hoping will get fixed with added cards later.