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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Armageddon Pattern Basilisk - Done!

You can also call this the "holy crap I actually finished something" edition of the blog. I may ultimately go back and add some mud/dust effect on the vehicle once I get a few more of the ones for the army done, but for all intents and purposes, the Basilisk is ready to roll out. The photos in this entry are taken with my Nikon D90 DSLR camera. Make sure you click on the images for the full size version. The photos ended up being a little bright and some of the more subtle weathering is lost, so I'll likely try another shoot with a bit more diffuse light.

The photo above is just a front 3/4 view where you can see the open hatches. You can take the top of the fighting compartment off to see the actual interior, and as soon as I have a jig to hold the top I'll take a few photos that way. Unfortunately putting the top back on the vehicle is a bit of a pain, so I'll only do it sparingly.

Here's a shot from the other side. You can see the periscopes a bit - I painted them with Alclad White Aluminum followed by Ammo of Mig clear periscope green.

In this shot you can see some of the fighting compartment. I went with a fair amount of weathering on the inside as it would be crowded with crew and a lot of very large caliber shell casings rattling around!

The other side is visible here...

This shot is taken straight uinto the back so you can see the gun itself... which is very large...

As you can see from the photo above, the rear hatch opens and closes quite readily, so I can run it either way on the tabletop!

So there you go! I actually got something pretty much done for Warhammer 40K. That hasn't happened in... umm... what year is it, again? I'm really pleased with how the vehicle came out. The camouflage scheme is distinctive enough to stand out, and should work well on all of the vehicles and guns I have planed for my army!

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