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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Warhammer 40K - Armageddon Pattern Basilisk - Part 2

Not a lot of photos this time, but I've been making steady progress on the Death Korps Basilisk I detailed in my last entry. I've been working on the exterior at this point, using one of my normal modulation paint schemes - though this is 3-tone camouflage, so it takes a bit of time to build up. At this point I'm using German World War I camouflage as was applied to the A7V tank. For the colors I used the Ammo of Mig World War I British and German Colors set (AMIG7111). The colors used are Dull Green (AMIG-077), Ochre Earth (AMIG-078), and Clay Brown (AMIG-079). For a base coat, I added black to darken the hue, and for the highlight I simply added white and modulated with my airbrush.

The photo above was taken right after the decals were applied, so they haven't had a chance to settle completely. The decals themselves are custom made based on the "skull and crossbones" common to World War I German armored vehicles and the post war German Freikorps. I use the Decalpro fx system to make dry transfers in white, transfer them to clear decal film, and then use them as normal waterslide transfers. I've used this technique successfully on previous projects like my lend lease Soviet army for Flames of War.

The decal masters are printed out using a laser printer (printout above), and a foil is used to turn the black to white. The font is one I found that was a close match for the World War I German vehicle names. It isn't perfect, but hey, this is the grim dark of the 41st millennium.

Next is final assembly and weathering!  Stay tuned!

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