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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Cult Reinforcements - Nexos and Standard Bearer

Now that Armies on Parade is over, I've been able to get back to painting up some more miniatures for the cult. I started by finishing up a couple that I'd hoped to get done for my Armies on Parade force, the Nexos and the Standard Bearer for one of my Brood Brothers command squads, but now I'll just have to use them for next year's entry - more on that in what will likely be several blogs worth of material.

Starting with the Nexos - this has got to be one of the absolute coolest miniatures I've ever purchased from Games Workshop bar none. As it is a centerpiece unit, the detail is very good. It comes in several pieces which I painted separately in order to get the best detail. It's the little touches, however, that make this miniature absolutely amazing. The levitating tactical platform is awesome. If you look carefully, the aquila has three gashes through it - undoubtedly vandalism once the uprising started. The tactical map itself is another great Easter Egg, pointed out by several including Chaos Bunker, as it is an overhead view of Games Workshop Headquarters and Warhammer World. Given I was actually there this past summer with the family on vacation, that makes the miniature even more special in my collection.

As with most of my recent miniatures, I'm using a mix of contrast paints and traditional paints on the Nexos, though more contrast on this one than I'd originally expected. The red started out with Flesh Tearers red contrast and received some highlighting. The blue is Leviadon Blue. The harness is painted with Basilicanum Gray. The boots are Black Templar. I even used some Snakebite Leather for the strap and holster.

Moving to his radio equipment, that was all painted with Vallejo - Russian Uniform and Refractive Green. I actually airbrushed the green on the tactical platform and then went back and edge painted the display with Vallejo. The skin colors are all Ammo of Mig. Most of the metallic paints are Ammo of Mig (gunmetal and steel), though I did use Alclad gold on the aquila on the tactical platform and some Balthasar Gold on the antenna - which I really liked.

My standard bearer was supposed to go on top of the big building in my Armies on Parade entry to tie together the whole "capture of the Reichstag" theme, but it wasn't quite done - so I substituted my Acolyte Iconward instead. This was another fun miniature to paint - but it took some work as I had to delete all of the detail from the flag to begin with. The shading on the flag is also a bit subtle and it doesn't come out perfectly in these photos. The miniature is painted as I've painted all of my other Brood Brothers - the big difference is the flag which started with Blood Angels red contrast and received a fair amount of drybrusing. The yellow border and tassels were painted with Vallejo Yellow and then washed with contrast Iyanden Yellow and Gryph Hound Orange. I had Scumb4g Kustoms put me together a custom set of yellow decals for the GSC symbol rounding out the details! If you haven't picked up any of his decals, you are really doing yourself a disservice!

I have a lot more stuff on the table at this point including my Metamorphs and a lot more Brood Brothers. This weekend I'm hoping to get a few more knocked out, but I'm also adding some new furniture to the gaming room which may take up some of my time. Keep watching this space!


  1. Great new additions! Had no idea about the Nexos "Easteregg" - SO COOL! Now I HAVE to pick one up for my own GSC.

    What else do you have in mind to add to your force?

    1. Oh heck, I think I'm going "completionist" on this one. I've got the full current range of GSC miniatures - need to beef up my Acolyte Hybrids a bit.

      Brood brothers - again, I've got a ton of old Guard stuff lying about I'm finally getting painted up - so the full force should be absolutely epic. I'm already planning next year's Armies on Parade board...