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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Finally Finished Fragdrill!

The marathon is over, and the Tectonic Fragdrill for my Genestealer Cult is finally done! This thing was an absolute beast to actually finish, but I'm really happy with the final result. It looks very "neglected industrial", which is what I was going for with this particular build. I'm starting to realize how big a task I have ahead of me for this year's Armies on Parade, but if the results keep coming out like this, I'm going to be happy with my entry!

I encountered several challenges with this paint job and build - not the least of which was the level of detail on the Sector Imperialis terrain that GW is putting out these days. As with the lower section, I took a couple of photos of the upper pillars before I glued the lot together.

As you can see, the detailing on each side is very intricate, and I decided that I had to paint "all the things!"

As before, everything got a full modulation coat of protective green. The piping is a mixture of gunmetal or a multi-coat rust effect (total of four shades). I went with red for all the wiring because it stood out well against the green. I also liberally used Nuln oil and a black oil wash on the detailing.

The drill assembly itself is both fairly fragile, but exceptionally cool. The components of the sled that move the drill up and down have a very strong railroad component to them, which highlights the very industrial feel of the piece overall.

As with all of my Genestealer Cult models, this one is liberally dosed with graffiti courtesy of Scumb4g Customs. At this point I'm honestly not sure what I'd do for markings if it wasn't for his excellent selection.

I was able to go into Photoshop and adjust some of the highlights so the detailing actually comes out a bit in the photographs. I'm going to need to provide ample lighting in the way of LEDs in my final armies on parade board to make sure all of it is actually visible!

Final assembly of the drill was a little challenging. The rail sled for the drill itself wanted to separate a bit, but I eventually got it to settle in. I also had to weight the top platform in order to ensure that the top pillars glued down in the correct spot. I'd considered pinning them, but aligning the pins was more difficult than just using enough plastic cement and weights.

So there you have it, the one and only Fragdrill I'm going to build. I'm really happy with the final product, but getting there was a journey and a half! In terms of its effectiveness on the table, I spent way too much time on it. However, in terms of using it as a centerpiece for Armies on Parade, the result is totally worth it!

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