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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Work in Progress - Tectonic Fragdrill

It all started innocently enough, I wanted to work up a killer "Armies on Parade" entry for this year's competition, so I decided to go all out with at least a two level entry. The foundation will be a mining area underneath the hive city above. So with that basis in mind I decided that it would be great to have a Tectonic Fragdrill as that would be right for the idiom of the army - at least that portion of the army. What has happened from there is the most time spent painting a low point-value part of a force... ever! It's not quite complete yet, but I wanted to get some detail photos before I started putting the whole shebang together.

Above you can see the outside faces of the lower pillar assemblies. I've painted these using many of the same techniques I've used on the force's vehicles, including the Protective Green base coat from Ammo of Mig. I also made liberal use of Ammo's rust set and gunmetal for the piping. The electrical wires are Vallejo flat red, and I've gone through and worked to detail as many of the dials and gauges as possible.

I've also made use of Balthasar Gold with a Nuln Oil wash followed by some highlighting and finally adding verdigris with Nihilakh Oxide. There are so many fine details on this miniature, it is easy to get lost in them.

I've given the walkway railings the same treatment, though on these I'm using some contrast paint (primarily just Black Templar) for some of the hoses. Everything has also gotten some streaking with a Dark Brown Ammo Oilbrush and black lining to bring it all together.

I added a decal in the screen next to the large fan because I had one that looked like it would fit. In the final display I'm going to have some LED lighting shining on the piece so the details aren't completely lost in background. At least that's the plan. Watch this space as I start getting the whole board and army together for this year!


  1. Excellent start to the new parade board


    1. Thanks! Hopefully the rest of the terrain will go a bit faster... or in the immortal words of C-3P0... "I'm doomed!" :D