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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Second Brood Brothers Infantry Squad

I just finished painting up my second infantry squad for my Brood Brothers detachment. The nice thing about the infantry squad is I can use it either directly in my Genestealer Cult main force, or in a Brood Brothers Astra Militarum detachment. If I want to be particularly cheeky, I could just run it as straight Astra Militarum - call them something along the lines of Savlar Chem Dogs. In short, these squads are fairly versatile, though fragile. I try to maximize firepower, and have a variety of it so my opponent can't simply ignore them. In a recent battle against Tau, my first infantry squad's autocannon actually ended up being quite effective.

I'm still obviously using the Cadian infantry as a base. I don't think this set was purchased as the Brood Brothers box you can get from Games Workshop as I have a bunch of old Cadians lying about. I've picked up several of the GSC upgrade frames and make good use of them not only for the required head swaps, but to provide some of the gear for my troopers. 

This squad is running a fairly typical load-out - even by modern infantry standards. The sergeant has a bolt pistol and chainsword. I've included both a grenade launcher and flamer. I also tend to run a heavy weapon in each squad as well, and I decided to go with a heavy bolter for this particular squad. In my one concession to "crazy modeler's syndrome" I painted the tip of every fourth round on the heavy bolter's ammunition belt red - to indicate those are the tracer rounds, of course (see cheat sheet below for M2 .50 caliber equivalents).

I had a couple of backpacks left over from a heavy weapon set, and decided to give a them to two of the troopers. One of them is a pack with grenades. On that one I changed out the knife for a GSC knife and spare grenade. The other one includes a shove / entrenching tool, and I used that one as-is. 

I spent a fair amount of time picking out some of the details on the Voxcaster, including a white oil wash into the needle gauge off to the side. The decals also took a fair amount of time, simply because each of the ten figures has two which needed to be trimmed carefully and nestled in with Solvaset. Once again, all of the decals are from Scumb4g Kustoms - which reminds me, I'm probably going to need to order some more of these!

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