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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Conversion Corner - The Cult Gets an Su-76-ish! Part 3 - Bringing it All Together

In this third installment of the series covering the Genstealer Cult Su-76, I've essentially gotten most of the vehicle together (sans a couple of the track guards) and it's ready to paint. There's not a lot new on the construction, but I'll point out where I ended up snagging many of the details I used on the kit from. Overall I'm extremely happy with how it came out, and I can't wait to see it painted up!

First I wanted to comment on my choice of bits. I enter a lot of official Warhammer Store and Games Workshop events, so I generally have to keep everything 100% either Games Workshop or scratch-built. That means I take great pains to find creative ways to use cast offs from the various GW kits I've assembled over the years. As you can see from the photo above I even found a creative way to use the turret sensors from the Chimera kit to stand in as tail lights! As mentioned in previous installments, the Astra Militarum Tank Sprue and Leman Russ kit also donated heavily to this project.

Looking into the rear of the fighting compartment, the construction of the autocannon and how it fits into the vehicle becomes more obvious. I had some leftover square styrene tubing from last year's Armies on Parade project (which I'd used for light fixtures on the Underhive level). I ended up having to shorten it a bit for everything to fit, but it made a credible gun mount. I went back and added a couple of thin plates and more rivets so it looked like the elevation mechanism was actually bolted down to the chassis

As promised last entry, now you can see the front of the gun shield. It's built from styrene sheet with two styrene strips running down the sides. I added more rivets to the side strips and another Aquilla to the gun shield from the Tank accessories sprue. I also borrowed the hatch from the accessories sprue as well because I liked how it looked.

Of course, there's now a big open fighting compartment with nothing in it. Fear not, I've got a lot of stowage and other bits that will be painted separately and then added to the vehicle including the radio, an ample supply of autocannon ammunition, a couple of vintage lasguns, and even one more hatch for the hull side. You can also see the exhaust system I built from very old flamer fuel tanks and brass tubing. These will be painted rust and added on at the end.

So there you have it, the whole thing is ready for painting. In the next entry you'll see the final vehicle with paint and markings. Ultimately it will have crew as well, but as those may not be ready for the contest, I'll add them later. Stay tuned!


  1. This is going to look so good painted up and with markings. I hope you have time to add some crew before submission time.

    1. Unfortunately I'm not going to have time to add crew as I need to order some parts, but the painted photos are going to be up in roughly an hour.

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