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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Armies on Parade 2020 - The Fall of Hive World Novgorod

Well, it's done and dusted! My 2020 Armies on Parade entry is entered and photographed with the good camera. This article includes all of the the photos and video I sent in to Games Workshop for my my entry. So, enough of the buildup - on to the army!

The Cult arises!!!
As this board was all about actually showing off some cool lighting effects, I included a (very) short video showing some of the effects on the board. You can see the fire effect on the Goliath and the arcing inside the Necomunda column next to the open doorway. Again, this would have been a lot more fun in person. The whole board is designed to draw the viewer in so they can start finding all of the little details, and there's only so much of that I can replicate with photos and video, but this at least gives you a flavor.

I also included a photo of just the board (originally seen in my previous blog entry) just because it shows off all of the lights pretty well. You can see the mine lights, the Underhive lights, and even the lights underneath the Necromunda catwalk. For the rest of the photos I've tried to focus more on the subjects and less on the board, but I thought that the entry at least needed one that completely showcased the board itself.

Lights! Camera! Action (well, soon anyway)!

The uprising in the mine level as gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, but is now proceeding full force. A cult goliath has been knocked out and is burning on an elevator, but the Leman Russ turret emplacement has been secured by the a squad 125th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment of the Army of the People's Republic of Novgorod. They are supported by sniper fire from two Ratlings from the same regiment as well as two sentinels who had helped scout the area initially

The Cult reaches its first objectives in the mines

The popular uprising has also began in an effort to secure the vital resources of this mining area, including some rather unusual green crystalline material! Miners from the Delvers of the Deep collective have taken up weapons and mining gear to support the regular forces and have seized the Tectonic Fragdrill. The Atalan Jackals from the Prospecting Guild are now actively supporting the Sentinels in both the reconnaissance role and for hit and run guerilla attacks.

The Fragdrill and critical equipment are now in the Cult's hands!

Hybrid Metamorphs are pouring out of a hatch in the mine area to secure the flank near the wrecked Goliath. Armed with hand flamers, they can make short work of any opposition in the close confines of the mining tunnels. With this flank secured, the Cult can continue to advance and secure additional mines and key manufacturing centers on the planet. Facilities like these also serve as secure bases of operation and fallback positions in case of Imperial counterattack.

Objective secured

Meanwhile, in the Underhive, Biophagus Markow (originally an Astra Militarum Chief Medical Overseer tasked with creating a super-solider serum using Genestealer germ-seed) unleashes his Aberrants in support of the uprising. His laboratory includes some of the original genestealer specimens used to create his various super-human modifications which gave rise to the cult. A Nexos utilizes the area to coordinate the uprising across this sector. 

Markow's laboratory with the genestealer germ-seed used to create the Cult

The Underhive level is alive with Revolution as Astra Militarum forces support a popular uprising of some of the Cult's inner circle. The Patriarch, Leader Domovoy, directs his minions forward in an all-out attack spearheaded by Primus Claypool and Ogryns of the 125th Guards affectionately known as "The Brute Squad." A Purestrain Genestealer has broken through the floor in a mad rush forward to crush those who stand in the Cult's way. The Abominant known only as Object 187 searches for foes to smash beneath his hammer, ably guided by his familiar.

The Cult pours forth in the underhive!

Iconward Mikhail Yegorov hoists the Cult's banner as the Magus looks for targets of opportunity and ways to subtly turn the tide in the cult's favor. Another Army Sentinel as well as a Chimera and Rapier provide heavy fire support for cult forces in this sector. Three Ratling snipers as well as the Cult's Sanctus have taken to the catwalk to pick out targets of opportunity among enemy command and control. In the background a patriotic poster on the wall says "Our cause is just, victory will be ours!"

Our cause is just, victory will be ours!

On the blasted surface of Novgorod itself, Astra Militarum forces loyal to the Cult (the Army of the People's Republic of Novgorod), have launched an all out assault on hive cities controlled by Imperial forces. Their infantry forces are well-supported with armor, artillery, and even ballistic missile forces. 

The Army of the People's Republic of Novgorod moves out!

A standard bearer carries the Army's colors at the forefront with a medic ready to treat the inevitable casualties. They are supported by a Veteran infantry squad with heavy bolter as well as a heavy mortar. Just behind them, the regular infantry is driving forward with autocannon support. 

Heavy armored support moves up along the flank

In a supreme feat of maskirovka, most of the heavy equipment of the 125th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment was purposely kept in an apparent poor state of repair in reserve depots to provide the illusion that the unit was drastically understrength from previous actions. In reality all of the equipment was in near perfect working order. Loyalist Astra Militarum forces were therefore shocked when all of the presumed derelict vehicles, from Leman Russ, to Chimera, and even larger vehicles barked to life and began to deliver precise and deadly fire against Imperial positions.

APRN Command and Control prepares to unleash the whirlwind!

In the rear, command and control elements of the 125th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment coordinate the full-scale assault. The Master of Ordnance directs artillery fire as the Deathstrike missile is prepared for launch. A Hydra flak battery stands by ready to repel any Imperial air attack, as the Cult's air support is currently fairly weak (I'm working on it, though - I only had so much time!). 

Conversion corner!

There you have it! The last photo I included in the package showed some of the conversions in more detail as they may not be entirely clear from the original photos. Again, if I'd had about 100 pictures, a 360 degree white photographic room, and a day, I think I may have been able to do justice to this thing. I'd really hoped that COVID would have abated enough to have Armies on Parade in person, as this particular board screamed for that "up close extended look." There are tens of little stories playing out across all of the levels of the board in support of the larger story of the overall uprising.

For those of you who have read the "On the road..." posts, thank you! I didn't advertise them too broadly on social media, but I figure now that the final product is out, I'll get a few more hits. I hope all of you have enjoyed taking this journey with me. This isn't the end of my Genestealer Cult army, I still have a lot of things I want to get built for them going forward, but this represents the core. I'll also be providing a full army background in a future blog article, so stay tuned!


  1. This is fantastic. It's sad you can't get to display in person, but maybe next year you could parade it again. There's no rules preventing it and you could add even more figures including your air support. 😉

    1. I've seriously considered it. I should have a whole new crop of figures for next year, and I could take some time and clean up the back (only one of the two rear walls covering the electronics is actually clean at this point).

  2. Astonishing! With all those reference, this painting quality, backstory etc
    But ill rather use "Наше дело правое — победа будет за нами" for that patriotic poster.

    1. Thank you!!! I've been taking slogans off of WW2 Soviet posters since I speak next to no Russian, but wanted something accurate rather than transliterating or trying to use Google Translate... :D