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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Necron Gandalf - or Kamoteph the Crooked

For this year's Store Anniversary miniatures, Games Workshop had one new Necron for Warhammer 40K and a Stormcast Eternal for Age of Sigmar. I'd thought about picking up one of the Stormcast's for my son, but he seemed ambivalent about it, so I ended up just getting one of the Necrons for my new Necron force. Kamoteph the Crooked is just a vanilla Cryptek with no special rules, which is sort of nice because he will always slot nicely into any Necron army and won't become a "legend" - losing all official support. I really liked the look of the miniature - he's absolutely ancient even by Necron standards and has that whole "get off my lawn" vibe about him.

As with the rest of my force, I've painted him up in Szarekhan dynasty colors using the same techniques I used for the two Overlord models I've already completed. I will say that the energy blade did seem to go faster this time, and I tried something new with the gem in the middle. Instead of trying to glaze it, I pre-shaded it with a light yellow-green followed by white-gray edge highlighting. I then mixed a blue green color using contrast paints and the end result came out really nicely.

As Kamoteph is supposed to be extremely old, I went ahead and added some rust washes to his carapace to give it a more worn look. It offsets the bright metal with Basilicanium Grey contrast paint so well, I may start doing it on my rank and file!

For the orbs and other lights using the Tesseract Glow, I once again mixed it with contrast medium - that has made using that particular color a lot easier. I have some other Necrons that are nearing completion, but this has been an extremely busy month! I hope to get several more finished up in the next six weeks or so.

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