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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Battlefront's World War I Germans

With the upcoming release of the Great War supplement for Flames of War, anticipation has been building around the miniature support for this new era.  Some details have been sneaking out, but now one of the first full product spotlights is up on the Flames of War main page.  Battlefront is offering army deals for the World War I forces, which seems like a smart way to go.  

The first army deal covers the German forces - Blitz's Battlegroup (GGEAB1).  The box includes a command group, two infantry platoons, a machine gun platoon, an infantry gun platoon, and two A7V tanks. Based on the photos alone, the box looks very promising - the figures look good, and the tanks look amazing. The boxed set should provide a very solid core for any German force from the upcoming Great War supplement.

I was initially a little skeptical of how Flames of War would translate to World War I, but given Battlefront has decided to start in the part of the Great War where combined arms began to come to the fore, the rules should translate well.  I can't wait until the miniatures and rules hit the street... now I just need to find time in my painting queue...

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