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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Battlefront's World War I British

Also on the preview this morning is the British Great War boxed set.  Called Mitchell's Marauders (GBRAB1), the box includes enough to get you started with your World War I British Army.  Similar to the German boxed set, you bet a command group, two infantry platoons, a machine gun platoon, an artillery detachment, and armored support.  In this case, the armored support consists of two Mark IV tanks and one Whippet.  Previous reviews have shown that the Mark IV tanks include magnets in the sponsons allowing  you to change from the "male" to "female" variants from game to game.  Personally, I think that's brilliant!

I've never done a British Army for Flames of War - for any period.  The closest I've come is some tentative work on a 506 PIR in Market Garden with some British support, but that army is languishing in the queue behind many other projects.  This is different - I've always loved the very early tanks pioneered by the British, and this neat little set is likely enough to get me to take the plunge.  I'm going to have to win the lottery to have the TIME to paint all of the items in my queue!!!

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