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Friday, July 25, 2014

New AMMO Wargamer Colors

I love Mig Jimenez - I really do... and I only say that through slightly clinched teeth at this point.  No sooner do I get the basecoats done on my 1945 Jagdtigers and Ostwinds than the AMMO line releases four paint sets specifically designed for the wargamer.  These sets allow for a modulated base coat with an overspray of the disruptive camouflage colors.

The Wargame 1945 Late German Set (A.MIG-7118) includes colors for a base green with the characteristic late red-brown and light dunkelgelb colors.  Front and center on the examples is a Jagdtiger that looks conspicuously similar to a Battlefront one... painted in a scheme very similar to what I was going for (though I wasn't going to use the ambush dots as the photos I have don't seem to show them).  Now I'm in a quandry - to repaint, or not to repaint...

The new releases also include three other sets, an Early and DAK Set (A.MIG-7116), a German 1943-45 Set (A.MIG-7117), and a U.S. Armor Set (A.MIG-7119).  Needless to say, I've ordered several at this point.  Now do I take the plunge and get that high-end airbrush I've been drooling over.  My poor bank account!

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