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Friday, October 24, 2014

502 - Ready for Tournament - Now with Pictures

I'm not sure that any army is every truly "done", but this army is as "done" as it is going to be before the tournament tomorrow.  I apologize in advance for the (lack of) quality of the photos.  I still don't have my light box ready to go so I'm relying on ambient halogen or my overpowered flash at this point.

First up is the whole army on my army box.  I need the army box to be modular so I'm just using some white felt as a base at this point.  I may be able to upgrade the basing for the box later as soon as I can figure out a way to easily interchange it!

Here's the recovery halftrack and driver.

These are the halftracks for the Nebelwerfer unit.  They're based using the same technique as the infantry.

... and yes the whole unit has tactical markings and license plates.  Gotta keep those MP's happy!

Here's the command tiger - it came out pretty well!

Did I mention the overly harsh flash?  Yeah... I promise better pictures once I have time to take some!

Here's a rear view of the #3 tank so you can see the very clean hull rear plate and unique exhaust.

Well, there you have them!  I'm completely out of time, so now I need to go find some Battlefoam that will fit the army (guess what order I didn't get in on time!).  Wish me luck at the tournament.  I likely won't win, but I'm going to look decent losing!


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    1. Thanks Mike! Now that this is done I have to get on my army for Tanksgiving... :)