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Monday, October 27, 2014

Battlefront Plastic Stugs Incoming

During the recent Flamescon event, Battlefront showed off some new plastic miniatures including a Cromwell, Comet (!), and a new plastic Stug III (frame shown below).

Up until this point the only way to properly field a Stug III G (late) using Battlefront miniatures was to use the fairly sketchy Stug III out of the Open Fire set.  Of the plastic tanks available with that set, the Stug was the better of the two, but it still lacked several critical details, while others were simply incorrect.  This new sprue looks far more promising, and gives options for both the standard and late versions of the vehicle.

I've been eagerly awaiting some good late Stug III's as I need four for my 1/512 Schwere Panzerjager army.  No release date was indicated in the article, that I could see, but I just received my Wargames Illustrated issue for November and it indicates that GBX82 Stug G Platoon (Plastic) is a November release.  Looks like I have something for my early Christmas list...  Now if they could just get out that late plastic Jagdpanther they previewed at last year's Flamescon I'd be a very happy man!

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