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Sunday, October 19, 2014

502 Update - Coming Down to the Wire

Now less than a week to the tournament, never has so much time been spent by so many on so few vehicles... no, wait, that's not quite right.  Anyway, it seems like all I've been doing is painting for the past few days, but I'm finally starting to get some results.  I've pretty much finished up the Nebelwerfer support this morning.  I may add a little additional "window dressing" to the base, but overall they're pretty much there.  I used some Tamiya "soot" to darken the ends as the Nebelwerfer is one of the few weapons that you can actually get away with a real "soot" stain on!  It worked amazingly well!

Again, the photos are not the best quality at this point, but I wanted to show how the panzer gray stands out against the white snow.

I've also been working on all of the support vehicles.  I still need to add drivers and crew to the support vehicles, and a couple of commanders to the tanks, but I can see the "end" on the vehicles from where I sit.  I still have some work to do on the tracks and stowage on the Tigers, but #2 (a little blurry up front) is nearly done at this point.  I left the vehicles and halftracks attached to the Nebelwerfers in overall gray as the photos of this unit seem to have all rear echelon vehicles still in overall gray - presumably only front line units were getting a full whitewash.

I was honestly hoping to be posting "done" pictures at this point, but I'm nearly done. I have learned a lot going through this project and plan on posting full construction and painting details in an upcoming entry (as I'm writing them up for my army history for the tournament!).

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