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Friday, December 27, 2019

Genestealer Cult - Neophyte Hybrid Necromunda Conversions

For my Genestealer Cult force, I wanted to have a bit of variety in the units. This can help with backstory, and from a more practical standpoint, it can help me keep track of units on the table. I always have to mark my historical wargaming figures with distinguishing marks - especially infantry - to keep individual squads / platoons apart. Fortunately, in Warhammer 40K you can make up your own force and distinguish squads however you prefer. As at its heart, the Genestealer Cult army is, well, a Cult, I wanted to have a few figures that looked the part. Fortunately Games Workshop makes a full range of figures for the game Necromunda that has several figures that fit the bill quite nicely.

For this platoon, I started with the Cawdor Gang box which includes ten figures. As this is a Neophyte Hybrid squad, I wanted to keep the weapon load out fairly simple. Autoguns for most of the squad, and icon, a heavy stubber, a couple of flamers, and a Leader with a power pick. While many of those weapons don't come in the standard box, Forge world makes two upgrade sets, originally entitled Set 1 and Set 2 that provide enough additional options to complete your load-out. I picked up one of each, and if you're doing the math, yes I do have a second unit converted from the Cawdor Gang box that is in progress. I pulled the heads and other details from the Genestealer Cult upgrade sprue and the Neophyte Hybrid box.

This was one of the first units I started, and then put aside and have only now finished up, where I wanted to experiment with the contrast paints. The blue and green started as Talassar Blue and Creed Camo respectively, though they were layered with Vallejo paints. I also made liberal use of Snakebite Leather (over a yellow base), Basilicanum Grey, and Black Templar. The contrast paints take a bit of getting used to, but can save you time if you use them well. They are fragile, however, so good top coats (in this case a 50/50 mix of Ammo of Mig Matte and Satin Lucky Varnish) is an absolute must!

If I had to do it again, I'd have painted them in sub-assemblies as painting the constructed figures was at times a nightmare given form. I actually had to snip out at least two of the heads and start over because they'd gotten so blobbed up and were impossible to paint well. The separately painted heads, of course, were much easier and quicker to finish - and the end result was better as well.

I really loved these guys because of their rag-tag cult look and the fact that they had a lot of candles (even on the flamers), which I thought was a fun touch. There are other Necromunda gangs, like the Delaque, which just scream to be converted as well, which I may do at some point. This particular unit will feature in next year's Armies on Parade entry, which promises to be entertaining. At least part of it will feature the uprising in the under-hive with these guys (and maybe the other Cawdor based unit as well) facing off against a Palantine Enforcer Patrol for control. I'll provide more detail as I get the board and other associated bits together!


  1. Nice lil cult! Festooned with guns, looks great. Cawdor gangers show up all over, such a beautiful kit.

    1. Thanks!!! I really enjoyed putting them together. I've got another unit I need to paint up, but will do them a slightly different color. I also picked up some Delaques that I'm thinking about giving the GSC treatment to as well.