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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Biophagus and Primus for the Cult

I figured while I had my Armies on Parade board up, I may as well snap a couple of photos of some of the miniatures I'd finished up for the entry, but hadn't featured here on the blog. Among those are my finally finished Biophagus and Primus. These were some miniatures I'd picked up ages ago, but could never quite get to come together the way I wanted them to. I finally bucked down over the past month or so and got them painted up. I especially wanted to get the Biophagus painted, as my army background is based on the Twisted Helix concept, and his research and experimentation (originally as a Chief Medical Overseer Markow in the Astra Militarum) was the vector by which the whole cult started.

As part of the overall set up for the entry, I included several pieces from the old objectives set to create a whole laboratory for him. The genestealer specimen in the holding tank was just too perfect, and adding the Medical Servitor and operating table was just icing on the cake. It felt like these parts were just made for the kind of entry I was planning on, so I just couldn't resist throwing them in.

I added some decals to the screens on the back of the holding tank which I thought gave it that extra something, and I even added one to the readout on the Biophagus' backpack as well. I used a fairly wide variety of paints from Ammo of Mig, to Vallejo, to Citadel (base, layer, and contrast) to get everything where I wanted it. I blended some vallejo yellow and bright green for a lot of the vials on the Biophagus, but I also included a few parts in Tesseract Glow as this provides a fairly similar effect.

I moved the Biophagus from his regular lab area in the original Armies on Parade entry to a new area in order to get a bit better light on the area. Though small, the familiar was a real pain in the butt to get painted well - mostly because of the beaker and "smoke effects" which I'd never tried to do before. However, he's done now and I'm fairly happy with the job. Now my conundrum is whether or not I want to convert a second Biophagus from the new Necromunda Doctor Arachnos figure from Forgeworld. Short answer is if I can figure out how to integrate the staff head into one of his arms, it's probably going to happen!

The Primus for my army, Claypool, went through a couple of iterations before I was happy with him as well. Unfortunately I should have probably left the rust colored bulkhead out of the photo as you don't quite get all of the contrast on the arms in these shots. However, the red cape looks pretty decent in this light. I used a purple for the pants and a mixture of contrast with Vallejo highlighting on the armor.

The sword is a mix of vallejo with a little bit of Tesseract Glow (can you guess my next new army?) for the jewels on the sword. I tend to add skulls to the bases of my HQ figures, generally because it dresses up the base a bit and makes them stand out easily. The Biophagus has a genestealer skull while the Primus makes do with a human one. If you have not picked up one of the Citadel Skulls boxes, they are totally worth the price of admission!

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