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Friday, November 27, 2020

On the Road to Armies on Parade - Part 5 - A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

I'm finally getting into the home stretch on the board of doom, but I've got a bit of a ways to go yet. The first pass of the surface is good to go, though I'll be adding a little bit of static grass to the corners to just provide some additional interest. I'm hoping to get the trench line done, but if it doesn't happen, I won't be broken hearted. It's a neat piece, but the compromised detail on some of the surroundings makes it a beast to paint. The ground effect is made up of fine and medium soil and dirt ballast, with a little bit of Ammo of Mig Kursk Soil (AMIG1400) pigment thrown in.

Surface with crater-ponds and trench line placeholder
As you should know by now, I've been sort of running a Soviet theme to my Genestealer Cult army. I'm not the only person to get this bright idea. After I was well into my project, I discovered Nick Kinsella's Revolutionary Miners' Commune. He's made up a lot of great posters in Photoshop based on Soviet posters through history. He'd shared some of his artwork with me, but I'm not one to use someone else's art. I therefore have started working on my own set of posters that I can make decals from, the first of which you can see below on the now finished wall of the Underhive section. As I've found a couple of great pages with actual Soviet propaganda posters on them, I've been taking the slogans from them in the original Russian rather than translating them. This one translates to "Our cause is just, victory will be ours!"

Underhive wall complete with Revolutionary poster!

The second wall was, of course, built using all the same techniques I used on the previous wall. The top is a little rough and has some slots in it so there is room for the ceiling wiring to pass through to the terminal blocks behind the wall. I've also included another Scumb4g Kustoms tag on the wall. So with the walls done, it was finally time to put on the ceiling and begin the final layout process for the Underhive!

Welcome to the Underhive (we've got fun and games)!

Here's the first photo of the Underhive level of the board with the ceiling lighting turned on. The lighting itself isn't terribly bright, which is fine as I'll be using long exposures on my DSLR Nikon camera to take the final photos for my Armies on Parade entry rather than the (admittedly okay, but limited) phone on my Samsung Galaxy phone. I'm using Necromunda terrain for this level, and it is still in the basecoats at this point. I have quite a bit more to go to get these ready for final presentation 

Underhive view with the lit ceiling and under-catwalk lighting

In the photo above, you can see some of the in-ceiling lighting, as well as the lights I installed under the catwalk on the piece of Necromunda terrain. So I can continue using these boards and terrain once Armies on Parade is over, all of the pieces come off of the board and can be used anywhere (except for the large walls and ceiling, of course). The lit pieces of Necromunda terrain all include a two prong plastic plug like I used on the burning Goliath down on the Mine level.

Something going on with the Underhive power system there...

Here's another view of the hive showing one of the pieces of terrain with some blue light shining through. Unfortunately a static photo doesn't do this justice - I'll need to take some video. The blue light is actually a combination of 3 LEDs that make a "welding" or "arcing" pattern, so it looks like something has gone haywire in the level's electrical system during the uprising. Speaking of haywire...

Underhive terminal block

In my defense I was left unsupervised and have no formal electrical training. The photo above is the terminal block for all twelve of the ceiling lights on the Underhive level. You can also see the wiring for the catwalk lights and arcing effect at the bottom right next to my well used container of solder. The board itself is a piece of 6x6 that was left over from when we built our new house a few years ago. I figured it would not only serve as a good support for the top level, but would add enough weight to the second level to keep it from tipping.

I still have a way to go with some of the detailing, but the board is really starting to come together. I'm hoping to finish it up by November 24 (as these blog entries lag actual progress), so I can pivot to the last few miniatures I want to build for my actual, you know, army!

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