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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Fate of a Nation Book on Its Way!

The chaps over at the Reluctant Conscripts blog have posted a teaser page from the upcoming issue of Wargames Illustrated. On sale in November is a softcover book covering the Arab-Israeli Six Day War of 1967. Given this book is coming out only a month after Barbarossa, looks like my bookshelf is going to get a bit more crowded. The release of the softcover seems to follow the trend started with the Viet Nam books.

Listed in the ad as a 62 page book, Chris at Battlefront has clarified that it will actually be a 72 page book in a thread over on the Flames of War Forum. The available lists appear have been expanded from those available in the original WI supplement.

The Israelis get a tank company, a patrol company, a motorized infantry company, and a paratrooper company.  The Egyptians and Jordanians both get tank and infantry companies.  The Egyptian infantry company appears to benefit from fortifications.  Apparently no Syrians at this point - maybe there will be a PDF?

Regardless I'm looking forward to the supplement when it comes out!

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