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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Polish Black Brigade Quick Update

With my tournament coming up this Saturday, I've been madly trying to finish up the Polish Black Brigade. As always, it's going along slowly, but I think I'm getting there. It will be at the tournament one way or another - I've honestly just put too much into this to not take it.

The infantry / guns are in their final phases - I'm putting down static grass on most of them now. I have a little bit of touch up painting to do as I go along, but that's it on most of the non-mechanized core of the force. Unfortunately my first pass at static grass was a bit "too green" and looked spring rather than autumn, so I stopped after a few bases and am now going back with a "drier" looking grass. I used a mix of Ammo of MIG mud and pastels for the "dirt" - and while it looks good, it's a pain in the butt to do, so I'm back to the drawing board for dirt effects for the next army.

The vehicles are mostly done at this point - all of them have the pin washes completed and most of the highlight work done (at least the first level stuff). I haven't gone in and done any of the advanced highlighting, and honestly that may have to wait until after the tournament as I have two nights left at this point. I need to go back and hit a couple of details like headlights, taillights, and spruce up the windows on the enclosed vehicles. I also need to finish detailing about four final crew members.

I apologize for the dearth of pictures this time around - honestly, I just haven't had time to take any! After the tournament, I will provide a full (and I mean FULL) modeling and painting guide to the army. Watch this space!


  1. If you have access to an Airbrush Mike, I would use that. The Autumn environment in Poland can be quite dusty so a light airbrush on the lower halves of the vehicles would look a treat. I wish I had done this before I got so far through my Poles :( Good luck at the tournament, can't wait to see all of the pictures...

    1. I'm hoping to get some pastel dusting on the some of the vehicles before the tournament, but that may have to wait until after - we'll see how it goes - that will be the last thing that goes on.

    2. Pastel dusting can be a ballache. I used loads on my Polish armoured cars but every time I apply the fixative it looks a as though I never even used it.

      Now I mix up some fixative with the pastels onto a palette and paint it on from there using a separate brush with Turps/ thinners to blend it into the vehicle body.

      Let me know how your pastels go as if you have a way of getting the results I would love to hear about it.

    3. I've found the Ammo of MIG pastels work well, as long as you put down a thin coat of the MIG pastel fixer first. May not have time to get to it on the vehicles before the tournament, but I can pick it up later.

      Any suggestions for good colors for Polish dust? I was thinking of just using the Ammo of MIG European dust.

    4. Well Ive just started using Light Dust Deposits from AK interactives Dust & Dirt Deposits range, I also mix up my own mud paste using MIG's European Mud and then feather with turps when its almost dry. I'm not really sold on my results on anything larger than 10mm figures at the moment though if I'm to be honest. I think I need to spend more time working on it... My wz.29's have one of them that Ive used the Light Dust Deposits on though. Its a really nice effect but needs to be better integrated into an overall weathering approach I think.

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