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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Mid-Year Status Report

It's hard to believe that we're just past the midpoint of 2020. I honestly don't think that anyone could have predicted the twists and turns the world has taken this year, with COVID-19 completely upending plans and economies across the globe. Many companies were shut down completely for several months, including Games Workshop. Most of these are starting to open back up now with precautions in place, but I expect the pandemic will continue to impact us for at least the rest of the year. Back in January I posted a 2019 retrospective and some of my plans/goals for 2020, and I figured now would be a good time to see how I'm progressing.

So here's my list from January of what I hoped to work on this year - with where I am in italics:

Armies on Parade:
  • Key Genestealer Units: 
  • Tectonic Fragdrill 
  • It's DONE!!! You can see the photos from February here.
  • More Brood Brothers Infantry 
  • So far I have one new squad completed, along with a couple of extra guys so I can run as either GSC or AM and one new Chimera to go with them. I also finished up an additional Command Squad with a Platoon Commander
  • Biophagus
  • He's in progress - I was struggling a bit with the paint job, but have had a breakthrough recently!
  • Finish several in-progress tanks 
  • For the ones that were at least somewhat "in progress" in January, I've only finished up the Leman Russ Demolisher. I did, however, paint up an old Leman Russ tank that had been lying about from my aborted Armageddon Steel Legion army from the year 2000.
  • Neophyte Hybrids 
  • I have 2 or 3 squads built up, but they're not painted yet. Hoping to get these back on the table and painted soon
  • Hybrid Metamorphs 
  • I also struggled a bit with the paint jobs here, but I finally got them finished a few months ago. 
  • Whatever else I can get done! 
  • For the cult, this list has gotten fairly extensive - so far it includes a squad of five converted Ratlings, a squad of three converted Ogryns, a Hydra flak tank, a Basilisk, three Scout Sentinels, the first of my Heavy Mortars, and five Atalan Jackals
  • Imperial Units:
  • Ordo Xenos Inquisitor 
  • Primed with some face painting 
  • Kill Team Cassius 
  • Not yet started
  • Palatine Enforcers
  • Not yet started 
  • Terrain - (oh so much terrain) 
  • Some interesting progress on one key piece of terrain for my Armies on Parade Board - keep watching this space for the big reveal in a few weeks 

  • Flames of War / Team Yankee:
  • D-Day Festungskompanie 
  • Infantry are ready to put on sticks for priming
  • Refresh 21. Panzer-Division 
  • Miniatures purchased, but no other progress
  • Finally finish my East German Team Yankee army 
  • No progress
  • Circle back and finish my Kursk army with Ferdinands and support! 
  • No progress here either

  • So there you have it - on the 40K front at least, I've made a lot of headway - at least on the Genestealer Cult. The opposing forces are going to need some attention soon as I'm hoping by October we'll still be able to have Armies on Parade. Flames of War / Team Yankee may have to wait until after October to see the painting table as I'll likely be focused on 40K until then - especially with the display board I have in mind. Keep watching the blog and maybe this will be the first year I actually hit more of my goals than I miss!!!

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