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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Of Polish Tow Vehicles - the Pz Inz 302

Don't you just hate it when you're most of the way through a project and you realize that you've done something catastrophically wrong. Well, in this case not "catastrophically" wrong, but certainly dang inconvenient. The Polski-Fiat 518 trucks I've been working on are perfectly fine for many of the ones I need for the force. I've even managed to get a new mold working for the 518, and then as I was researching I discovered an issue - it doesn't look like the 518 truck was used to tow the 37mm anti-tank guns. That honor went to the Pz Inz 302.

So what is a Pz Inz 302 you ask? Fortunately it's pretty much an open topped version of the 518 truck with a rear facing rear seat and large bin on the back. So I took one of the resin 518 trucks and began major surgery. The Pz Inz 302 has no doors, so the seats are exposed. I ended up borrowing some from the True North staff car. The rear seat has no stitching, so I just used the shape of the back seat for reference.

Rather than waiting until after the miniature is cast to add the spare tires, I'm going ahead and integrating them into the miniature itself this time around. I'm still trying to decide how I'm going to integrate the windshield as I really don't want to have to cast a second piece.

Apart from a few details, this one is just about done at this point, and I'm hoping to work up a mold for it later this week when my new batch of RTV makes it in. I've found the Alumilite High Strength 3 works well for me as I tend to run a lot of masters with severe undercuts.

Unfortunately this little revelation has put me a few more days behind where I need to be. Way too much of the army is still in primer, and I'm only a little more than two weeks out at this point. That being said, the troops with green uniforms are through the base coat, shade and highlight phases on the uniform. At some point I'm going to need to get back to those All Quiet on the Martian Front miniatures too, though I like the effect of the Martian tripods looming over my Black Brigade.

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