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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pz Inz 302 and Polski-FIAT 518 Mock Ups

The last of the vehicles are finally coming together. I've completed the casts for the Pz. Inz. 302 tow vehicles and the Polski FIAT 518 trucks. At this point they aren't primed and the wheels aren't attached, but I wanted to get a feel for how the final vehicles were shaping up.

Above is the Pz. Inz. 302 tow vehicle for my 37mm anti-tank guns. The spare wheels are molded in meaning I just had to test fit the rear wheel and the front wheels. So far the clearances look fine - I may need to cast up more of the rear wheels, though. I've also added a copper wire bumper to the front that I'll do for all vehicles of this type. 

The Polski-Fiat 518 trucks are also looking pretty good. I may need to adjust where the spare tire sits just a bit, but the HO scale wood works well for the rails. I'm using copper wire for the mounts as it is durable. At this point I'm pretty happy with this vehicle as well. Once the bumpers are on, then I'm off and running with the painting.

As to the painting, I'm going to try a modulated paint job on these, which means I'm going to be using a mixture of German and Soviet colors from AK and Ammo of MIG. Since the colors are a little off of what the Poles used, I'm going to be using some of the new Ammo of MIG filters to get the colors as close as possible.

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